Southern pudu

Pudu puda

The tiny Southern Pudu is the smallest member of the deer family, of which the elk is the largest. An adult pudu weighs just 15 kg while an adult bull elk can tip the scales at 700 kg.

Weight: 10 kg
Length: 85 cm Withers height: 35 - 40 cm


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The Southern Pudu is a so-called selective browser, meaning it grazes on carefully chosen herbs, leaves, fallen fruit, shoots, bark and seeds. To reach into bushes and get at the food, pudus will stand on their hind legs and may even climb up tree trunks.

They are territorial animals and live alone for much of the year, coming together only during the autumn mating season. The pudu’s natural enemies are jaguars, foxes and cats. The principal threats facing the Southern Pudu are the destruction of its habitats by man and the introduction of new species to its territories.