Our reindeer need travel tickets!

Wild forest reindeer were once common in Sweden and Finland, but the last one in Sweden was shot in 1880 and they are now endangered in Scandinavia. They survive in just two places in Finland and in Russian Karelia. A project has been launched to save them, and Nordens Ark is taking part.

Three of our female reindeer will shortly be sent to Ähteri zoo in Finland, where a special enclosure is being prepared. They will join a herd with a number of males, some from the wild and some from other zoos. Later, a reintroduction project will see individuals from the new herd released with the aim of joining up the two Finnish populations.

Conservation projects in the wild are complex and require long-term commitment. Saving the forest reindeer is vital for our Nordic fauna, and by sending reindeer raised at Nordens Ark to Finland, either for release or as breeding animals, we are playing an important role in the conservation efforts.

But we need your help!

You can support the work to save the forest reindeer. Your donation will help to pay for transport, breeding and rearing, among other things. Every gift is gratefully received. You can make your donation via IBAN SE3580000836834245318284, BIC/SWIFT SWEDSESS (BG 900-1967). Please write "forest reindeer" on the payment form.