Easter Holiday in the park 8-17 april

There are exciting things happening every day during the Easter holiday

12.30 pm feeding in the wild park.

8/4 saturday               Persian leopard

9/4 sunday                 Amur tiger                  

10/4 monday              Dohl

11/4 tuesday               White-backed woodpecker

12/4 wednesday          Amur leopard

13/4 thursday              Snow leopard

14/4 friday                  Wolverine

15/4 saturday              Persian leopard

16/4 sunday                Amur tiger

17/4 monday               Dohl

Feeding tour (11.00 & 14.30) and activities for the kids at the Farm every day during the easter holiday.

Nordens Ark’s restaurant serves food daily during the easter holiday from 11.30am to 3pm. 

Reservation for changes. The activities are included in the entré fee.

For more information contact 0523-795 90 or bokning[at]nordensark.se.