Midterm break with the animals at Nordens Ark

Saturday 29/9 - Sunday 7/10 and Saturday 27/10 - Sunday 4/11

  • 12.30 Carnivore feeding. See which animal at the calendar at the first page.
  • 14.30 feeding tour at the farm.

At the Wolf lodge you can enjoy a waffle buffe, sandwiches and cakes, 11am – 3pm. The Wolf lodge is open 29/9 - 7/10 and 27/10-4/11.

You can enjoy lunch at our restaurant by the entrance 11.30am – 3pm. We offer a pub menu 3pm – 7pm 4/10 - 7/10 and 27/10 - 4/11.

Ghost walk 27th October & 3rd November

A guide will take you around the dark park and there will be wild animals and ghosts. The ghost walk start around 7pm and ends around 10pm.
Price: Adult 395 SEK, children 295 SEK. It is a reduced price for members in the Friends of Nordens Ark, adult 295 SEK, children 195 SEK.

Registration to nordensarksvanner@nordensark.se