Summer programme 26 june -13 aug

10:00 AM-6:00PM      Open house with the sheep, goats, and rabbits

1:00 PM-5:00 PM       Pony riding – cash only

10:30-11:30 AM        Cat Tour—Guided tour. Meet at Pallas Cat

11:00 AM                  Feeding at the Farm. Meet by the Hay Jump

12:30 PM                  Carnivore Feeding. See the schedule below

Immediately following Carnivore Feeding, About Nordens Ark. Information in English

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM     Skulls and Horns—traces of our animals. By the Wolf Lodge

2:30 PM                    Feeding at the Wetlands. Meet our amphibians and birds

2:30 PM                    Tractor Safari. Maximum 10 participants. Tickets available at the entrance                                              

3:00 PM                    Feeding of the Peregrine Falcons

3:30 PM                    Feeding of the Otters

4:00 PM                    Feeding at the Farm. Meet by the Hay Jump

4:30 PM                    Carnivore Feeding. See the schedule below

6:00 PM                    Tales and Legends about Åby Manor. Meet at the stone cellar 

Daily program for the Summer’s Carnivore feeding:

 26 june -13 aug Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
12.30 PM Snow leopard Persian leopard Amur tiger Wolverine Dohl Persian leopard Amur tiger
15.30 PM Otter Otter Otter Otter Otter Otter Otter
16.30 PM Dohl Wolf Maned wolf Maned wolf Wolf Dohl Maned wolf

All activities (except the Tractor safari 50 SEK) are included in the entrance price .

 The program is also available on the Nordens Ark app!

Nordens Ark’s Summer Camps

Spend a really sensational day among the wild animals—go to a Summer Camp at Nordens Ark!

Here you get the chance to share experiences you cannot get anywhere else, as well as meet new friends and form memories.

For more information contact 0523-795 90 or bokning[at]

Evening tours at Nordens Ark

Take the opportunity to have an exclusive evening guided tour at Nordens Ark!

To visit the park after closing is something special, when there is only you and the animals left.

After the park has closed for the day, you and a guide take an expedition at Nordens Ark. You will see animals such as the Amur tigers and snow leopard, peregrine falcons and white-back woodpeckers, Red pandas and markhors.

Dates:                July 18, July 25

Time:                  7:30 PM – ca 9:00 PM

For more information contact 0523-795 90 or bokning[at] 

Reservation for changes. The activities are included in the entré fee.