Become an adopter - together we’ll make a difference

The endangered species at Nordens Ark need your help!

When you adopt an animal, you are directly supporting the species at Nordens Ark. Your contribution helps pay for food, veterinary care, enclosures and other costs.

Private individuals, companies, schools, kindergartens and other groups are all welcome to adopt a species. An animal adoption also makes a great gift, perhaps from a workplace or society.

You choose how long you want your adoption to last. Your name will be added to a sign by the animal’s enclosure during the year. You’ll also get a ten per cent discount in our shop and at the hotel when booking a single or double room on production of your membership card. As a thank-you for your contribution, we will also send you a diploma, whatever the size of your gift. You’ll receive a digital ‘stamp’ that you can use on your home pages and in printed material and other media.

There are several levels of sponsorship, so you can select the level and the animal that best suits you. All sponsors are most welcome, and together we will make a difference!

Price for private individuals, non-profit organisations, groups etc 

Bronze ­

100 per month or 1200 per year. As a bronze host, you get a nice diploma, and an invitation to feed hosts' day every year.


150 per month or 1800 per year. As a silver host, you get a nice diploma, two entrance tickets to Nordens Ark and invitation to feed hosts' day every year.


200 per month, or 2400 per year. As worth gold host, you get a nice diploma, season tickets for two adults at the same address and invitation to feed hosts' day every year.


500 per month, or 6,000 kronor a year. As platinum hosting, you get a nice diploma, season tickets for two adults at the same address, an invitation to feed hosts' day every year as well as a powerful meeting of two people at a time which we invite to.

These are the animals you can adopt

Amphibians and reptiles:
Green toad, natterjack toad, fire-bellied toad, pool frog, Milos frog, European tree frog, Montserrat frog, false tomato frog, White’s tree frog, common tree frog, Vietnamese mossy frog, Amazon milk frog, yellow-headed poison frog, golden poison frog, Persian mountain salamander, Vietnamese pond turtle, European pond turtle, Roti Island snake-necked turtle, Hermann’s tortoise, grass snake, adder, sand lizard, Standing’s day gecko, crested gecko, brown basilisk lizard

Peregrine falcon, Eurasian eagle-owl, great grey owl, white-naped crane, white-backed woodpecker, lesser white-fronted goose, white stork, Japanese crane, northern bald ibis

Przewalski’s horse, forest reindeer, markhor, Bukhara urial, southern pudu

Snow leopard, Amur leopard, wolf, Amur tiger, lynx, wolverine, European wildcat, otter, red panda, maned wolf, Pallas cat

Native breeds:
Gotland sheep, Värmland sheep, Swedish red poll, mountain cow, Swedish mountain cow, North Swedish horse, Gotland pony, Jämtland goat, Lapp goat, Dala-fur sheep, Linderöd pig, Swedish blue duck, Öland goose, Orust hen, Swedish black hen, Gotland rabbit, Nordic brown bee, Blekinge duck, Mellerud rabbit, old Swedish bantam

Great capricorn beetle, European catfish, Death’s head cockroach, European ground squirrel

For further information and to become an adopter, please contact Lotta Olofsson on 0523 - 795 90 or email nordensark[at]