Campaign will save both cars AND endangered animals

Saab owners are unusually attached to their vehicles. The spare parts industry has latched on to this fact and is launching a year-long worldwide campaign to extend the cars’ secondhand value - while at the same time supporting Nordens Ark’s work with endangered animals and biodiversity.

Although Saab no longer exists as a car-maker, the company still adheres to its former quality standards. Plenty of Saabs are still on the road and the idea is that this shouldn’t change any time soon. With its global Parts For Life campaign, Saab wants its brand to live on and is also doing its bit for a sustainable world. For people, for animals and for cars.

Together with Nordens Ark, Saab wants to get involved in saving endangered animals. The worldwide Parts For Life campaign will run for one year and will enable Saab to make a sizeable contribution to sustainability. The campaign will include filmed Saab stories as well as engaging competitions.

Nordens Ark CEO Mats Höggren said: “We’re looking forward to working with Orio and Parts For Life. It’s a fantastic initiative and we’re going to be working together to give threatened species a future.”

It’s not just a question of cutting consumption by extending the secondhand value of the cars; it’s also a matter of thinking bigger. The aim is to educate people about the importance of conservation and conscious-thinking, not just in relation to cars but also to endangered animals. Therefore a large part of the proceeds will be going to Nordens Ark and our work.

David Leighton, sales and marketing manager at Orio Parts, said: “Not being able to produce new cars, we felt certain similarities to the endangered animals of the world. It feels like we are on the same journey and we want to join ventures for the greater good.”

He added: “It feels really good contributing to worldwide animal preservation with a project like this. It must be our largest campaign ever, both in size and in heart.”

About the campaign

Parts For Life aims to preserve not just Saab cars but also endangered animals. By activating a lifetime guarantee, Saab owners will be helping to save and protect species threatened with extinction.

Saab Original parts used by Saab Service Centres are covered by a lifetime warranty. For every repair at a Saab Service Centre where original parts are fitted, a donation will be made to Nordens Ark. A donation that will help to save endangered animals all around the world.

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