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Blue poison arrow frog

Dendrobates azureus

The blue poison arrow frog is alson known by its native indian name,okapipi. It is native to southern Suriname and can be found in northern Brazil.

Weight: 8 grams
Length: 3 - 4,5 cm

Females are larger than males. The black spots are unique to each frog, enabling individuals to be identified. The bright blue skin, usually darker around its limbs and stomach, serves as a warning to predators. They are territorial and can be aggressive both towards their own species and other intruders. To ward them off, the frog use a series of calls, chases, and even wrestling.

The blue poison dart frog breeds during February or March when it is rainy. To find mates the males sit on a rock and produce quiet calls, which the females follow to track down the males. The females then fight over a male.