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Skumbogroda Kristofer_Foto 2014-09-16 08 41 04hemsida.jpg
Skumbogroda Kristofer_Foto 2014-09-16 08 41 04hemsida.jpg

White-lipped tree frog

Polypedates leucomystax

The ground color of the white-lipped tree frog ranges from pale brown to yellow-brown. The pattern on the back varies from spotted to longitudinally striped.

Length: 5-8 cm

Like many other tropical species the bamboo tree frog can propagate all year. The female lay 100-400 eggs in oval-shaped foam nest near water.

The foam nests measure about 10 cm in length and are constructed and attached to a surface by the water's edge. Hatching takes place after three to four days. When the tadpoles hatch they fall into the water. The larvae are opportunistic predators, attacking and consuming nearly anything they can, including both live and dead conspecific tadpoles and decaying vegetation. From hatching to metamorphosis takes approximately seven weeks.