Alpbock Jimmy Helgesson Nordens Ark
Alpbock Jimmy Helgesson Nordens Ark

Rosalia longicorn

Rosalia alpina

The Rosalia longicorn is a very beautiful and eye-catching beetle that belongs to the longhorn family. The species has distinct cover wings with black spots and transverse bands on a blue-gray background. With a body length of 40 mm, it is one of the larger beetles in Europe.

The species is not available for display in the park, but Nordens Ark only works with breeding and re-implantation of this species.

The Rosalia longicorn lives mainly in beech forests in the mountainous regions of Central Europe and in the countries around the Mediterranean. In Sweden, it has been found in the southern parts, but it is uncertain whether the species has ever reproduced in our country.

The species requires beech forest with sun-exposed trees, preferably matured or decaying trees. Like many other species that thrive in this type of environment, the species is endangered due to the lack of older deciduous forests.


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