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Canis Lupus

The wolf is a social animal that lives in packs of eight to 12 individuals. A wolf pack is strongly hierarchical and is controlled by an alpha pair. Few canines have feet as large as a wolf’s. An adult male’s paw print measures between 10 cm and 12 cm, excluding the claws.

Weight: 18 - 60 kg
Length: 90 - 150 cm Withers height: 66 – 81 cm

Howling plays a major role in the social interaction within the wolf pack, as well as in communicating with other packs.

The wolf is highly adaptable and can live in very different environments, as long as enough prey is available. Its diet comprises elk, reindeer and deer as well as hares, beavers and badgers. Wolves are pure carnivores and an adult will consume on average 2 kg of meat a day. To help with their digestion, they sometimes eat grass and berries.


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