Lapp goats

During the summer, Lapp goats accompanied the Sami and their grazing reindeer and provided milk. In the winter they were kept in barns.

It is robust and slightly smaller than normal goats, with shorter legs. The head is wider and not so long. Both sexes have horns. They are usually pure white but can be black, piebald, or partly black or grey.

Weight: 22-70 kg
Withers height: 70 cm

The goats were well suited to the mountains and ran free during the day. At night they were kept in special shelters made from turf. Skins from the goats were used as bags, hats and furs, and the horns for storing gunpowder.

The Lapp is one of three peasant goat breeds; the others are the Jämtland and southern Swedish Göinge.