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Blå anka på Nordens Ark

The blue duck

The blue duck is medium-sized with a robust body, weight 2,5 - 4 kg, making it able to live outdoors all year in Sweden’s southern regions, as long as it has access to shelter. The colour in fact ranges from white, pearl-grey and blue to black, but all have a white bib. A few wing feathers are often white. To tell the male from the female, look at the beak: males’ are bright green-yellow, the females’ blue-green to black. 

Despite its name the blue duck may not be blue. To have blue feathers, one parent must carry the gene for black/grey markings.

Ducks are rather clumsy on land, with a slow waddle. But they are in their element in water and this is where they mainly look for food, which they do by straining water through the beak. Blue ducks will eat almost anything.