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Examples of theses carried out at Nordens Ark

Eye disorders in lesser white-fronted geese (Anser erythropus) in captivity

Linnea Lang did her master's thesis in veterinary medicine here at Nordens Ark in the fall of 2022. The lesser white-fronted geese at Nordens Ark have for several years had eye problems affecting their welfare. In this study a veterinary student has mapped possible causes of the problems and also presents possible causes through a solid literature review.

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How does grazing and burning affect the occurrence and development of vascular plants?

Felicia Ivarsson did her master's thesis in conservation biology here at Nordens Ark in the fall of 2022. Grazing and burning are disturbances that can be used during restoration and management of landscapes. When applying these disturbances, you can create a more diverse flora and fauna and also control grazing pressure from domestic livestock. In this study, five different plants were used to study the effects of burning and grazing on vascular plants, and to get an idea of ​​the best way to manage savanna-like grassland landscapes.

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Nyinflyttat och nyfött, ger det nya beteendemönster? – visenters habitatval och tillståndsbeteenden i vilthägn innan och efter samgång med vildhäst samt födsel av kalv i flocken.

Peter Hansson Silva did his bachelor thesis in ethology here at Nordens Ark in the spring of 2022. In this study, six European bison were observed during two periods over two years. In the first period of 2020, the herd was held alone in an enclosure. The second, in 2022, they had recently had their first calf and had also started sharing the enclosure with Przewalski's wild horses. The behaviour and whereabouts of the European bison were recorded. The results from the two years could then be compared to examine differences in behaviour.

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Besökarpåverkan och hägnutnyttjande hos röd panda (Ailurus fulgens) Nordens Ark 

Tove Brohede did her bachelor thesis in ethology here at Nordens Ark in the spring of 2022. The purpose of the study was to evaluate whether a newly built tower for visitors next to the enclosure for red pandas affected how they used the enclosure. At the same time, it was evaluated whether visitors affected the behaviour of the red pandas.

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