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Wildlife park studies - Does animal care at wildlife parks interest you?

Do you dream of working as a zookeeper? If so, we have two options for you here at Nordens Ark.

Nordens Ark is collaborating on a specialisation with Uddevalla secondary school, and with Dingle college on animal welfare training. Both are agricultural training courses focusing on animal welfare as it applies to wildlife parks.

At Dingle college, you’ll take four courses and you can do your studies here at Nordens Ark. There’s also an opportunity to do the APL with us. In all courses, theory is combined with practice, and the aim is that much of the work should take place out in nature and with the animals. For instance, outdoor activities may involve a nature inventory of Åby manor, animal studies or hands-on work as a zookeeper.

The apprenticeship programme at Uddevalla secondary school focuses on animal care at zoos, and you’ll serve your apprenticeship at Nordens Ark. This will give you two or three days of practical work every week with our zookeepers.