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Nordens Ark in Focus

Interested in animals and nature?

Would you like to come to Nordens Ark and immerse yourself in nature conservation and zoology?
Do you dream of becoming a veterinarian, biologist or perhaps a forest officer?

Then you might be interested in this unique training!

Nordens Ark is working with Uddevalla upper secondary school on a programme focusing on natural sciences. Parts of the training are based at Nordens Ark, giving you the chance to take courses in zoology, biodiversity, conservation biology and ethology that are not available at any other upper secondary school.

Studying at a zoological park like Nordens Ark gives you almost limitless possibilities for exciting learning. In all the courses, theory is mixed with practical work, and the idea is for a lot of the teaching to happen out in nature and with the animals. Outdoor activities can, for example, involve a nature inventory on Åby manor, animal studies or practical animal care work.

Anyone with upper secondary school skills may apply. As Nordens Ark in Focus is not offered anywhere else, everyone is entitled to apply, wherever they live.

‘Very varied instruction with good and dedicated teachers who are really passionate about what they do. Good for both practical and theoretical learning, it’s fun as well as informative. Our class has better cohesion because we share the same interests, and also because we spend a lot of time together doing various exercises and projects. A fantastic foundation for anyone interested in biology or who wants to work with/for animals in the future.’
Year 2 students on Nordens Ark in Focus

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