Midterm break with the animals at Nordens Ark

There is Midterm break programme in the park from the 28th of September - 6th of October and 26th of October - 3rd of November. 

12.30 pm carnivore of the day

Monday: Pallas cat

Tuesday: Red panda

Wednesday: Information in the Wetland house

Thursday: Dohl

Friday: Wolverine

Saturday: Snow leopard

Sunday: Amur tiger

Farm life activities 2.30 pm to 4 pm

Meet our animals and visit the rabbit pen.

The information is in Swedish but the guide can answer questions in English.

Dine with us

At the Wolf lodge you can enjoy a waffle buffe, sandwiches and cakes, 11am – 3pm. The Wolf lodge is open 28 - 29 September, 5 - 6 October and 26 October - 3 November. Enjoy a evening dinner the 3 - 5 October. 

You can enjoy lunch at our restaurant by the entrance 11.30am – 3pm and a Swedish fika 10am - 5pm.

Ghost walk 27th October & 3rd November

A guide will take you around the dark park and there will be wild animals and ghosts. The ghost walk start around 7pm and ends around 10pm. The 3rd of November is fully booked. 
Price: Adult 395 SEK, children 295 SEK. It is a reduced price for members in the Friends of Nordens Ark, adult 295 SEK, children 195 SEK.

Registration to [email protected]