Winter Holiday

There are exciting things happening every day during the winter holiday, 21st December - 8th January.

12.30 pm carnivore of the day

  - Monday: Pallas cat
  - Tuesday: Red panda
  - Wednesday: Information in the Wetland house
  - Thursday: Snow leopard
  - Friday: Wolverine
  - Saturday: Dhol
  - Sunday: Amur tiger

2.30 pm Farm life

The information is in Swedish but the guide can answer questions in English.

Dine with us

Lunch is served daily 11.30 am - 3 pm and the café is open 10 am - 4 pm. The park close earlier on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Day, these days will the restaurant and café also close earlier. We will offer a Waffle buffé at the Wolf lodge on the 26th - 29th of December and 4th - 6th of January, you can also enjoy a Swedish fika and sausages. 

The park close at 2 pm on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Day. So there is no Farm life activity these days. In addition there is no carnivore f the day on Christmas Eve.

Reservation for changes.The activities are included in the entré fee.