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Group activities

School classes and other groups who visit Nordens Ark can buy an activity in addition to free time in the park.

The discussion material that is included is primarily aimed at school children, but the activities can also be suitable for breaking off a conference with something that is both easy and informative, or as a team building.

All group activities must be booked in advance.

The letter hunt

Find letters and form a word. All letters are in places that are allowed for visitors to stay. Discussion material included. Free of charge. In Swedish. 

Choose between:

Wild park
The farm


Find hidden caches in the wild part of the park. In each cache there is a discussion text and a clue to the next cache. At the start, the group gets a clue to the first cache and will then find the others. Completed assignments provide an opportunity to pick up a diploma in the store.

Can be done in whole class or in small groups, recommended 4-5 people / group. Groups can compete against each other by completing the tasks in each cache. NOTE! Remember not to run and scream in the park.


SEK 1495 / group
SEK 995 / group for schools

Quiz walk in the park

Talons and answer compendium with discussion are included. Bring your own pen. In Swedish. 

Can be done individually or in groups.

Choose from these themes:

Ethology - animal behavior
Physiology - this is how animals work
Morphology - why animals look the way they do
The sixth mass extinction
Evolution and adaptations
Where does our food come from, past and present (only at Lantgården)


SEK 1495 / group
SEK 995 / group for schools


Evolution Bingo

Find animals with different characteristics and adaptations, fill in the bingo card and think about what the different characteristics give the animals for benefits. Discussion material included. In Swedish. 


SEK 895 / group

495 kr/ group for schools


For more information and booking [email protected].