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Things to see in the Ecopark

A map of the Ecopark and Ecopark walks is available at Nordens Ark Hotel

Things to see in the Ecopark 

  1. Ancient fields – visible in raking light.
  2. Åbyhällen – celebrated Bronze Age rock carvings. Accessibility adapted.
  3. Veteranisation – experiments to age young oaks in a short time.
  4. Waterfall – in a glorious deciduous forest setting.
  5. Flateberget – moorland landscape with lovely views. Nature conservation burning took place here in 2013.
  6. Skalbank – a small group of hepatica grow here.
  7. Månsahagen – nature conservation burning of pasture and lands took place in 2013.
  8. Fauna depot – modern method of boosting biodiversity with dead wood.
  9. Bronze Age cairn – now forested burial places.
  10. Stream ravine and waterfall – magical atmosphere and remains of a watermill.
  11. Nordens Ark cliff – rock-climbing routes.
  12. Passage grave and Nycander grave – family tomb adjacent to a Stone Age grave known locally as Glose Altar.
  13. Viewpoint Varpet– impressive panorama over the fjord, Nordens Ark and the cultural landscape. Accessibility adapted.
  14. Pollarding – here we’re restoring meadows and pollarding trees for leaf fodder.
  15. Shore meadow – annual mowing and grazing to promote flora and fauna.
  16. Steamer jetty – steamers tied up here until the 1950s.

More signposted sights are to be found along the paths.

Read more about about some of the sights here.