In September 2011, Nordens Ark launched its Djur och skur pre-school for children aged one to five. The focus is on animals and nature.

Working at the pre-school are teachers, childminders, outdoor leaders, animal keepers and a cook. In the autumn of 2014, the number of children at the pre-school was expanded and another teacher was taken on.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child at the Nordens Ark pre-school, please contact us at djurochskur[at] or call 0734-61 17 30. The school year starts in the first week of September. 

Further information

The pre-school is a certified I Ur och Skur (Rain or Shine) pre-school with educators/leaders trained by the Association for the Promotion of Outdoor Life, and it is the association’s educational principles that form the foundation of our work.

The I Ur och Skur teaching method is based on the belief that a child’s need for knowledge, movement and company is satisfied by pleasurable, experience-based learning. Being both indoors and outdoors is a central part of the pedagogy, and every day the teachers will decide on the most suitable activity for the individual and the group.

The teacher/leader’s role is to take his or her cue from the children and the group and to discover, investigate, experience and participate alongside them.