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A new hen arrived to Nordens Ark

Just in time for the weekend, a newly arrived hen moved in with the cabot’s tragopan at Nordens Ark. She arrived from Chester Zoo, England in December but has been quarantined before finally moving out into the park.

It is a very special little pheasant. It may look quite small, brown and inconspicuous, but during the mating season the male parade in all his glory.

For a few days the female is courted with a fantastic display. The male has a very special ritual where he inflates a beautifully colored throat sac and a pair of clear blue "horns". All in an attempt to show the female what an amazing male he is.

Nordens Ark is the only zoo in Sweden keeping this species.

The species originates from southeastern China and is declining throughout its range. Due to deforestation and conversion of natural forest to plantations and farm land, the cabot’s tragopane is now threatened.

Many of the birds included in the breeding program are found in private zoos and only a few zoos have succeeded in reproducing the species. In collaboration with the European Zoo Association, EAZA, parks such as Nordens Ark are now trying to actively work to increase the number of birds.

Hopefully our new couple can contribute with kids in the future, they already seem to be interested in each other.