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Bild Welcome to Nordens Ark

Welcome to Nordens Ark

Nordens Ark is a wildlife park with focus on endangered animals and we're open the year around. There's also a hotel with a restaurant and we offer several exciting experiences.

By visiting us you're supporting the important work of saving endangered species.

Bild Turtle yoga

Turtle yoga

A unique yoga session at Nordens Ark! Surrounded by swimming turtles and the soothing sound of running water provides a harmonious experience out of the ordinary. After the pass, we enjoy a cozy breakfast together.


Turtle yoga
Bild Nordens Ark's shop

Nordens Ark's shop

In our shop you'll find everything from soft toys and books to sheepskin and honey from our own bees and other goodies.

By purchasing these products, you help us in our work to save endangered animals.

You can also buy a selection of our products from home via our web shop.

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Make a difference - conference at Nordens Ark

Nordens Ark Hotel and conference centre is situated on the beautiful Åby manor. Here you have an opportunity to combine conference work with a stay in a scenic and stimulating setting as well as help and learn more about endangered animals.