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About Nordens Ark

Nordens Ark is a private non-profit foundation that works to ensure endangered animals have a future. We are engaged in conservation, rearing, research and training, as well as doing what we can to increase public awareness of biological diversity. Much of our work is done in the field, both in Sweden and overseas.

We strive to strengthen populations of at-risk species by releasing individuals into the wild, and by improving the habitats in which they live. In Sweden, Nordens Ark has national responsibility for breeding and releasing, among others, the peregrine falcon, white-backed woodpecker, lesser white-fronted goose, green toad and several beetle species.

Since the turn of the millennium hundreds of mammals and birds born at Nordens Ark have been released into nature, among them otters in Holland, European wildcats in Germany and lynxes in Poland. We have reinforced the Swedish peregrine falcon population with more than 175 individuals, and Sweden’s amphibian population with some 10,000 animals.

Åby manor

Nordens Ark is situated on Åby manor in Bohus county. Stone Age graves and rock carvings on our land bear witness to the fact that humans have lived here for thousands of years. Åby manor is one of the oldest estates in the county. Preserved letters dating from 1307 show that Norway’s King Håkon stayed at the manor around that period.

Nordens Ark Foundation is the third owner of Åby manor since the end of the 1600s. At that time it belonged to Margareta Hvitfeldt, perhaps the county’s most influential woman ever. The scholarship fund that inherited her fortune owned the manor until 1975.

Åby manor encompasses a total of 383 hectares and includes pastureland, woodland and animal facilities. The manor’s barn, which is 60 metres long and is believed to date at least partly from the 17th Century, is the largest timbered structure in Bohus county. The yellow manor house was constructed in 1729.

Åby manor is of national importance, and the buildings are listed.