Supplier information

Invoices to Nordens Ark must be sent as an e-invoice or e-mail invoice (PDF).


Stiftelsen Nordens Ark, 854600-6191

  • E-invoice address (Peppol): 0007:8546006191
  • E-invoice address: (Iso6523): 00078546006191
  • E-invoice operator: Basware

E-mail invoice (PDF)

Please send a PDF file via e-mail to [email protected]. Send one invoice by e-mail.

Information to be included on the invoice

  • Bankgiro number
  • Invoice number and or OCR number
  • Invoice date
  • Payment terms 30 days
  • Total amount
  • VAT amount
  • Your organisation number och VAT number
  • Reference is stated under the heading "Your reference" on the invoice, state either the department or the contact person at Nordens Ark
  • Nordens Ark customer number at the supplier

Please contact us if you have any questions, [email protected]