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The Board of Nordens Ark


Margareta Wallin Peterson


Susanne Wiklund
Leif Nilsson


Pål Svensson
Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg
Staffan Jufors
Nicke Bäcklund
Johan Höjersjö
Lisbeth Schultze
Anders Björkqvist
Mats Höggren, CEO

Auditors for Nordens Ark 

Ann-Louise Rosenqvist, Rosenqvist Revision

Deputy auditors

Linda Nelson, Ernst & Young
Bo Norming

The management of Nordens Ark

Mats Höggren - CEO
Linnéa Johansson - Vice president
Mats Niklasson - Scientific leader
Ewa Wikberg - Head of zoology
Jenny Loberg - Educational manager
Linda Gadd - HR
Therese Patriksson - Host and marketing manager
Emma Nygren - Conservation manager