Nordens Ark's conservation and research projects

Bild Saving endangered species

Saving endangered species

The world’s biodiversity is disappearing at an alarming rate.  We are at risk of losing three-quarters of all species in the coming centuries. But there is still time to reverse this negative trend. At Nordens Ark the conservation projects form the backbone of our organisation.

More knowledge is also needed and therefore we also work with research, partly in connection with our conservation projects but also in pure research studies.

Bild Research


Part of Nordens Ark's mission is to conduct research on animals and biological diversity. We work actively with research in a number of different areas, everything from how bees communicate in the hive to how fire affects the establishment of flowers.


Raising awareness

Bild Conservation campaign: Vietnamazing

Conservation campaign: Vietnamazing

The amazing diversity of animals and plants in Vietnamn is threatened by poaching and habitat loss, and the situation has become worse since the Vietnam War and the country's recent economic growth. EAZA's Vietnamazing campaign works to protect the country's unique animals and nature by bringing together actors around the world.


Nordens Ark's goal is to not be needed

The vision of Nordens Ark is that endangered species should attain viable populations in their natural environments and that biodiversity is preserved. To create the conditions required for threatened species to be found in sustainable populations in the wild we work with controlled breeding, and supporting wild animal populations in their natural habitats through various support measures.

An increasingly important part of Nordens Ark’s work is working directly in the habitat of the species. This work may include fauna protection, restoration of habitats, population monitoring, and development of new techniques and methods for population estimation.

Nordens Arks collaborators

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