Nordens Ark participates in the Vietnamazing campaign, which runs between 2024–2025. The campaign aims to save, protect and draw attention to the incredibly rich biodiversity found in Vietnam. Many of the species there are endemic to Vietnam and the region, meaning they are only found there. If we lose them, we lose them forever.

Vietnam is a so-called biodiversity hotspot, with a very large variety of species. Many of these species of both plants and animals are threatened with extinction due to poaching and habitat loss. The devastation of Vietnam's nature started with the Vietnam War and has since been fueled by the very rapid economic development of recent decades.

Cao Bang province in Vietnam. Photo: Thomas Ziegler

Get noticed in big campaign
Many species of plants and animals are at risk of extinction due to human activities. Forests are cut down, wetlands are ditched and rivers are dammed to create more space for agriculture, industries, infrastructure and more. There was a time when almost half of Vietnam was covered with forest, but today 40% of all forest has been cut down and disappeared. Animals are hunted illegally to supply an insatiable market for exotic pets or animal parts for traditional Asian medicine, driving many species to the brink of extinction.

The campaign is run by EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) together with several European zoos. Through the campaign, a powerful conservation network will be built, where EAZA zoos, Vietnamese and international conservation organizations and visitors come together and cooperate. By connecting different conservation measures in nature (in situ) and in zoos (ex situ), we can all help to save the unique biodiversity found in Vietnam. Examples of measures are habitat restoration, scientific research and education.

Zookeepers and young Vietnamese crocodile salamanders (Tylototriton vietnamensis) in the breeding department at the Cologne zoo. Photo: Thomas Ziegler

What does Nordens Ark do?

During the course of the campaign, Nordens Ark will inform about the campaign in various ways, on the website, in social media and in the park. The campaign is run with the help of a small number of selected species that are allowed to act like ambassadors for diversity. One of these species we keep here at Nordens Ark, namely the Vietnamese pond turtle, which we will pay attention to together with several other endangered turtles that live in Vietnam. You meet them in the Turtle Ark.

We will also sell products in our store and webshop for the benefit of preserving Vietnam's biodiversity. Keep watching the website and our social media platforms for updates!

Indochinese box turtle (Cuora galbinifrons), one of the critically endangered turtle species on the Turtle Ark.

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