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Bild Nordens Ark in Nepal

Nordens Ark in Nepal

The red panda is a small carnivore that lives high in the mountain forests of the eastern Himalayas. Like so many other species in this region, the red panda is critically endangered, with possibly as few as 2,500 individuals remaining in the wild. Nordens Ark is working with the Red Panda Network to preserve the red panda and the Eastern Himalayan Broadleaf and Conifer Forest.

Red panda
Bild The European Wildcat in Scotland

The European Wildcat in Scotland

Scotland has one of the northernmost populations of European wildats. The species is mainly threatened by hybridization with domestic cats and diseases, and the Scottish population today consists of only about a hundred individuals. Nordens Ark collaborates with Saving Wildcats to ensure a future for the Scottish wildcats.

European wildcat
Bild Other conservation projects

Other conservation projects

In Nordens Ark's global conservation work, in addition to the larger projects, we make smaller contributions such as releasing animals into the wild. Read more about our work with European ground squirrel, bald ibis and Persian leopard here.

Other conservation efforts
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