Experiences at Nordens Ark

At Nordens Ark there are activities for the whole family, children, friends and work colleagues. We offer complete packages, guided tours and experiences.

Bild Turtle yoga

Turtle yoga

A unique yoga session at Nordens Ark! Surrounded by swimming turtles and the soothing sound of running water provides a harmonious experience out of the ordinary. After the pass, we enjoy a cozy breakfast together.


Turtle yoga
Bild Tiger yoga

Tiger yoga

Our popular "tiger yoga" is back! Enjoy a 75 minute yoga session together with Hrönn Björnsson. With the Amur tigers outside the large glass windows, this is a yoga experience out of the ordinary.

Why not combine the experience with a spring walk in the park afterwards?

Tiger yoga
Bild Conference at Nordens Ark

Conference at Nordens Ark

Make your next conference a unique experience at Nordens Ark and enjoy the tranquility of Bohuslän. Take the opportunity to walk in the park and see the animals during the breaks.

Nordens Ark works to give endangered animals a future and your conference is a contribution to our work.