Nordens Ark Ecopark

The Ecopark is one of Nordens Ark's largest species conservation projects. The project is taking place in the forest and cultural landscape that surrounds the zoological park on the grounds of Åby manor. Around 300 hectares of land is being restored.

The project started in January 2011. One of the goals is to benefit endangered species and biodiversity by recreating the open, species-rich landscapes of the 18th and 19th centuries that were characterized by grazing livestock. We are gradually changing the land use from spruce-oriented forestry to traditional open-field grazing with old native breeds of both cattle and sheep (Swedish mountain cattle, Swedish red poll, Väne cattle, Gotland sheep, Värmland sheep, etc.). We recreate meadows by mowing and sowing meadow flowers. Read more about how we work with conservation in the Eco park here.

In the Ecopark there are also many cultural remains and attractions, such as the Åbyhällen, which is one of Bohuslän's largest rock carvings.

As a visitor, you are warmly welcome to hike in the Eco park on well-marked trails in varied nature.

Map of the Ecopark 

For more information about the Ecopark, contact Mats Niklasson, scientific leader at Nordens Ark,

0732 - 74 75 30, [email protected].