Take a walk along our Ecopark trail

Welcome to walk in one of Nordens Ark's largest conservation projects, the Ecopark. In the Ecopark, we strive to increase biological diversity by recreating the landscape to what it looked like in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Eco park trail

Feel free to try Nordens Ark's own hiking trail, the Eco park trail, which is about 4.5 kilometers long. Along the trail, you get a taste of the region's varied nature, from exposed outcrops and rich flower meadows to lush stream valleys. Information posts will inform you about the area's nature and culture. There are short detours from the trail to viewpoints and ancient monuments such as the Åbyhällen rock carvings, the Glose altar and the Nycanderska grave site.

It is a hard job to maintain a trail that runs in a stream ravine. It is a living environment that changes all the time. When it rains a lot, the stream floods and sometimes even finds a new way. This means that we sometimes have to build new bridges because the old ones are washed away. But it's worth it because the changing stream makes the Ecopark trail an exciting hike.

Here you can download a printable pdf with trail description, maps and sights, the Ecopark trail. You can also pick up maps at the reception at Nordens Ark. The trail is also available digitally in Nordens Ark's app. Keep in mind that the trail partly runs in stream ravines and it can be muddy in places, so choose shoes and clothing accordingly. Remember to respect the natur and leave only footprints behind. Parts of the trail go through pastures, please keep your dog on a lead.

Photo: NORR Melanie Haas

Other suggested walks

The Soteleden-Kuststigen runs in several trails over the lands with Nordens Ark as the start and end point. On the trail, you can experience, among other things, old agricultural landscape, beech forest and a fantastic view of the Åby fjord.

Nordens Ark is suitable as a starting point for continued hiking towards Bovallstrand, Hunnebostrand and on to Ramsvikslandet. The rest of the coastal path Kuststigen connects just north of Nordens Ark.

Here you can read about the stages and download maps:

Soteleden section 18: Nordens Ark-Anneröd 10 km

Soteleden section 17: Lykkan-Nordens Ark 7.5 km

Soteleden section 16: Brodalen - Nordens Ark 16 km

Photo: NORR Melanie Haas

The Little Forest Tour and The Long Forest Adventure
Two circular trails that start and end at Nordens Ark.

Download map as PDF (in Swedish):
Rundslingorna Lilla skogrundan 6.4 km and Long forest adventure 10.7 km