Welcome to a day for the whole family at Nordens Ark on the theme of outdoors and health!

On May 4, the third edition of Nordens Ark Trailrun will take place in Ekoparken with IK Granit as the organizer of the event. The courses are from 1 km for the youngest to 30 km for those who want to run far. You haven't forgotten to register, have you? You can also read more about the competition on IK Granit's website.

If you don't want to run but just cheer on everyone who runs, you can take a walk in our wildlife park or try climbing soft drink trays with Vertikalverket.  Book a session with tiger yoga as a nice start to the day, and why not treat yourself to a nice massage in the Tigerhuset afterwards?

Teo the Tiger helps the children to get warmed up before the race. Take the opportunity to get your face painted, buy a ticket at the lottery booth and have a waffle at the ice cream kiosk.


Entry to the park - special price
This day, we have a special price for park entrance for all adults, SEK 200 per person (ord. price SEK 260)

Children 5-17 years old price SEK 110


You will find these companies/associations at our place from 10-14 this day:

Nordic Wellness Lysekil:

Nordic Wellness is present with instructors and the mascot Tigern Teo contributes a wonderful energy boost in the form of activities for the smallest participants. During the event, all visitors will have the opportunity for a free month of training at Nordic Wellness. Visit their booth and the staff will be helpful with your monthly pass.


Hrönn's Massage at Smögen:

Tiger yoga
Start the morning with a magical yoga session in Tigerhuset with Hrönn.

Massage in the Tiger House
After the yoga, there is the opportunity to treat yourself to a 20-minute beneficial massage for the face, shoulders/back or legs. Book via 0523-795 46
11.00, 11.30, 12.00, 12.30, 13.00, 13.30 and 14.00

Price: 250:- payment via Swish on site


Vertikalverket usually offers climbing courses, guiding and events on the Bohuslän cliffs. Today they will be there to offer a different climbing experience, you can try stacking drinking trays on top of each other to get as high as possible. Fun and challenging for all ages!


Nordens Ark's Friends
Of course, our member's association is on site and sells lottery tickets with great prizes!