Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Babyboom at Nordens Ark

Spring at Nordens Ark equals cute animal babies. This week the first calves, chickens and baby goats has been born at the Farm. Any day now the first lambs will arrive and in time for easter.

-It’s always a special feeling when the first ones arrive, says keeper Anders Persson. But it will be a bit stressfull later when all baby goats, chickens and lambs arrive at the same time.

For thousands of years, livestock have grazed the landscape and helped to shape it. The animals on the Farm help to keep the landscape on Åby manor open. Each spring we release cows, sheep, goats and horses into the Ecopark to graze.

Native breeds are smaller and produce less meat or milk than today’s more developed breeds. For economic reasons, therefore, they have pretty much disappeared from commercial food production. Were native breeds to vanish, we would lose not only their genetic variation but a part of our cultural history.