Premises at Nordens Ark

Bild The Manor House

The Manor House

The room is furnished with an oval table seating up to 18 and is situated in Åby manor’s listed Manor House building.

There are also two group rooms for 4 – 8 people.

Bild The Tiger House

The Tiger House

A unique conference room adjoining the Amur tiger enclosure. Large panoramic windows allow you to watch the tigers right outside.

The room can accommodate up to 40 (school hall formation) to 60 persons (cinema hall formation).

Bild Nycanderska


The Nycanderska room is in the hotel building and have a beautiful view over the Åby fjord. seating can be arranged in U-shape or schoolroom configuration.

The room can accommodate up to 18 (school hall formation) to 24 persons (cinema hall formation).