Comprehensive school

At Nordens Ark, pupils can study environmental, nature and animal issues at both local and global levels. Learning at Nordens Ark offers real-life and experience-based situations where all the senses and wits are stimulated in the studying process.

A visit here can be woven into the school curriculum. The general objectives and guidelines for comprehensive schools, for instance, state: Each student shall show care and respect for the environment both locally and in a wider perspective, and should be aware of the prerequisites for a healthy environment and sustainable development (Lgr11).

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Nordens Ark offers various activities to suit all comprehensive school levels. Please contact skolinfo[at] to get more information.

Pre-school – year 3

For pre-schools up to year 3, we suggest a slightly curtailed programme, both in distance and time. It will be thrilling, with fun information about our animals. We recommend:

Years 4 – 6

Nearly all our activities are suitable for years 4 – 6. There is more in-depth information about the animals, and we talk about different species and their demands on the environment. Naturally, we mix it all up with a large pinch of excitement and fun facts about the animals. We recommend:

Years 7 – 9

For years 7 – 9, we delve really deep. Species definition, genetics and animals’ place in the ecosystem are blended with exciting and fun animal facts. The suggested programme includes tours of the park and lectures on our premises. We recommend: