Memorial gift

Honour the memory of someone who has passed away by making a memorial gift to help Nordens Ark’s work in saving and preserving endangered animals. It is also possible to honour a pet who passed away.

When you make a memorial gift to Nordens Ark, we’ll send a beautiful memorial certificate to the family.

How to make a memorial gift

1) Email Nordens Ark with the following information

  • In memory of: (First name, surname)
  • Date of funeral:
  • Address where memorial certificate should be sent: (for example family, funeral director)
  • Text you would like on the memorial certificate: (for example Rest in Peace)
  • Who is giving the gift (the name that will be included on the memorial certificate)  
  • Message to Nordens Ark: (whether you have any requests or would like us to contact you)

2) Pay the sum you want to give via
IBAN SE3580000836834245318284, BIC/SWIFT SWEDSESS
include with the payment ‘In memory of ______’ [name of the deceased]

3) As soon as the money has reached Nordens Ark, we will send the memorial certificate to the recipient you indicated

If you have any questions, please contact Lotta Olofsson on 0523-795 47 or email [email protected]

To make a memorial gift to The Friends of Nordens Ark, please contact the office on 0523 - 795 95 or email [email protected].