Gifts and donations, whether large or small, represent an invaluable contribution to our work. Our collection account is overseen by the Swedish Fundraising Control, guaranteeing that money reaches its intended purpose without unnecessary overheads.

Many people over the years have remembered Nordens Ark in their wills. It’s a wonderful way to show your commitment to biological diversity and life on our planet.

Collection policy relating to wills

As legatee, Nordens Ark ensures that the testator’s wishes are followed in a responsible and dignified manner. The Foundation stores wills and other documents securely, with no unauthorised access. The Foundation, as legatee, takes an active role in the winding-up of the estate to ensure the process is handled professionally and sensitively. In the event of a dispute over a will, the Foundation’s responsibility is ultimately to the legator and his or her wishes. The Foundation’s clear presumption is that the inheritance laws are fundamental. If the will is challenged, the Foundation is therefore always represented by a lawyer. We want people to feel confident in making a bequest to Nordens Ark Foundation.

If you’d like to know more, please contact Linnea Johansson, Executive Vice President, on +46 (0)523 - 795 84 or by email at [email protected]