Why collaborate with Nordens Ark?

A partnership with us creates value in many ways. By supporting Nordens Ark, you show and strengthen your long-term CSR and sustainability work and create commitment among employees and customers. You are involved and contribute to concrete, measurable results and at the same time clarify your work with the Global Sustainability Goals. More advantages are that you:

  • Strengthens your brand
  • Increases your sales
  • Strengthens your employer branding and employee engagement
  • Strengthens ties to own collaboration partners
  • Clarify the company's motto

Together, we create a valuable collaboration and contribute to a wilder and more alive planet.

When you as a company support Nordens Ark, you can be sure that your support will be used where it makes the biggest difference. We do not reserve donations for special projects, but invest where the efforts are most needed. Long-termism and focus are crucial for us to be able to make a difference.

However, we can work together to develop specific cooperation arrangements for companies that contribute SEK 100,000 and above.

Nordens Ark holds a 90-account, which means that a maximum of 25% of the revenue may go to administrative and fundraising costs. We are proud to be able to tell you that the administrative costs have only been 9% for Nordens Ark on average over a 3-year period.

Policy for business collaborations

We like to work together with companies that show social, economic and environmental responsibility, have a brand associated with sustainability, and work actively to reduce their climate impact. Nordens Ark reserves the right to carry out audits of the companies that wish to enter into collaborations with us.

For us, it is also important that the company conducts its business in line with applicable national and international laws and regulations, and conducts business that is ethically defensible and has an interest in long-term sustainable development.