Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Reverse the Red

Reverse the Red is a global movement celebrated around the world on February 7th. Hundreds of organisations are jointly drawing attention to the crisis against biodiversity and the threats to animals and plants.

The goal of Reverse the Red is simple but ambitious – to stop pushing our environment to the brink and reverse the negative trend of biodiversity loss. We must stop the climate crisis, environmental degradation and extinction of species and ecosystems. We need a system change and we need it now.

December 2022, nearly 200 states adopted the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework with four goals and 23 targets to halt and reverse the ongoing loss of biodiversity. It is an ambitious agreement specifying what needs to be done by 2030.

In order for this to succeed, we must all take our responsibility.

We take our responsibility seriously
At Nordens Ark, we take our responsibility seriously and pledge to continue our efforts to save endangered species such as the longhorn beetle, lesser white-fronted goose, green toad, great capricorn beetle and the southern dunlin. We are committed to giving them a future.

Change is possible
It is possible to make a difference, to reverse the trend and the peregrine falcons in Sweden is an example of that. After  breeding and release into the wild, combined with changes in their habitat, this species is no longer listed as critically endangered in our country.

It is possible to make a difference – but it requires longterm dedication and a change in how we use our environment and our nature.