Activities by the friends of Nordens Ark 2020

Annual meeting 13 June

All members of the Friends of Nordens Ark are welcome to participate in our annual meeting.

Midsummer Celebrations 19 June

Welcome to a traditional Midsummer celebration on Nordens Ark. We will dance around the Midsummer pole and sing folk music.                                                  

Leopardklubbens Day 20 July

A day for the younger members of the Friends of Nordens Ark. A keeper will take the children around the park and they will come pretty close to the animals.  

Farmers Market 12 September

A traditional Farmers market with local products and exhibitors. 

Autumn session 29 September

A information session for those how wants to become more active with Friends of Nordens Ark and participating in the efforts of the park on a personal level.

Ghost walk 24 and 31 October and 2 November

A guide will take you around the dark park and there will be wild animals and ghosts. 

The activities are done togehter with