Insects & arachnids

Insects and other invertebrates are a group of species with fascinating diversity – and they’re creatures that are found all around us, from the bumblebee flying by to the worm we dig up in the garden or the spider in the basement. Invertebrates may not be the group of animals that engenders the most engagement with humans, and invertebrate conservation tends to be overshadowed by that of larger and more charismatic species. But what is often overlooked is the contribution these animals make to our daily lives. Many invertebrates have a key role to play in our ecosystem’s various nutritional stages. They perform services such as pollination of plants and the breaking down of organic matter, and these ‘ecosystem services’ are indispensable to both us and to nature.

We at Nordens Ark understand the importance of invertebrates, and we’ll do whatever we can to preserve endangered species within this intriguing animal group. Note that most of our insect species are in the non-public research facilities and cannot be seen in the park.