The Wetlands at Nordens Ark opened on June 13, 2008, as part of our initiative to save and preserve endangered amphibians. The year 2008 was the Year of the Frog, and IUCN and WAZA, among others, encouraged all zoo parks to do their bit to increase public awareness and understanding of amphibians. A worldwide network of zoos was established so they could work together to ensure the survival of various frog species.

The Wetlands includes the Turtle Ark, where you find endangered turtles and tortoises. Here you can also take a peek into our breeding facility for these species. Outside the Wetlands House, there are displays with different landscapes so that visitors can see frog and reptile species from all over Sweden. There’s also a pond with freshwater catfish. At one end of the building there’s an aviary with northern bald ibis. As there is a natural watercourse running through the Wetlands, you’ll also find endangered wetland birds such as storks, cranes and geese.