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Storhuvudsköldpadda Nordens Ark 1

Big-headed turtle

Platysternon megacephalum

The big-headed turtle is appropriately named after its large head compared
to its small body. They are weak swimmers but strong climbers, using their claws, tail and even their beak to grasp rocks in fast-flowing water.

Big-headed turtle populations face serious threats from overexploitation. Individuals are hunted for meat, which is sold domestically and internationally, and collected for the international pet trade.

Nordens Ark is involved in a groundbreaking project to make sure turtles rescued from the food market can be release safely back into the wild. The project seeks to develop a conservation relevant viable release strategy for big-headed turtles in Vietnamese rescue centres and increase the capacity to undertake wildlife translocations. In the long-term, a viable turtle population will be established at the release sites.