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Upper secondary school

Nordens Ark offers lectures, short courses and full courses in conservation biology, biological diversity and ethology, to mention just a few.

Right now we are working with Uddevalla secondary school and Dingle college. In our collaboration with Uddevalla secondary, we have students from Östrabo secondary school and GLU (secondary school apprenticeship). Within its science programme, Östrabo secondary has a specialisation entitled Nordens Ark, in which we are responsible for conservation biology and ethology courses, among others. We are currently working on a new specialisation in healthcare and on the welfare programme known as Green Health. Apprenticeship students undergo practical training with us three days a week for a total of three years. Students who select Dingle college’s specialisation Animal Care in Wildlife Parks take their courses in a zoo, while also studying conservation biology and ethology. In addition, we receive APL students from, among others, Munkagård college, subject to availability of places.

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