Jämtland goat

Jämtland goats are fine-boned with a narrow head. They are mainly white with black, grey or brown markings, often with a darker patch on the face, ears and legs. Both rams and goats usually have horns.

Weight: 25-60 kg
Withers height: 70 cm

Its modest feeding needs made the Jämtland goat an excellent dairy animal for crofts and farms. Goats eat less in proportion to their size than cows, so are cheaper to keep.

The Jämtland is one of three breeds of peasant goat, the others being the Lapp and the southern Swedish Göinge.

A pure native goat, the Jämtland is well suited to pasture. It has long been kept as a dairy goat, with a single animal able to provide 500 litres of milk a year.


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