Vänetjur hemsida.jpg
Vänetjur hemsida.jpg

Väne Cattle

Väne cattle is a local remnant from the southern Swedish Old Breeds that existed throughout southern Sweden since the Middle Ages.

500 kg

It was found at a farmer in Väne-Ryr in Västergötland, who had kept a herd without interbreeding from the more dairy or meat-producing breeds. These cows and bulls were then (1992) used mainly as grazing animals and the breed had been on the farm for more than 100 years.

These cows often have horns and the horns can be both long lyre-shaped and shorter arcuate. All colors appear in the breed and they can have white back with dark sides, be mottled and single-colored.  They weigh about 500 kg, but adult bulls can become much heavier. They are agile and is good at finding food when kept on pasture. Therefore, it is important for preserving natural pastures and with these a diversity of plants and animals that otherwise risk disappearing.