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Öland goose

Of the local goose species, only the Öland and Skåne survive. The two look very similar, although the Öland is slightly greyer. Its plumage is white with brownish grey areas on the head, neck, back and thighs. The beak and legs are bright orange. Geese are highly territorial and guard rigorously against intruders. The ganders, or males, thus made excellent watchdogs on Öland’s farms.

Weight: 4-5,5 kg

The first geese were tamed in Scandinavia 2,500 years ago. In the 1800s, they were kept as pets on Öland and in Småland and northern Skåne. The local goose species disappeared one by one.

The female lays 20 to 30 eggs per season and has good maternal instincts.