Värmlandsfår EE
Värmlandsfår EE2
Värmlandsfår EE

The Värmland sheep

The Värmland is a Swedish forest sheep that comes in many colours: white, brown, grey, black or beige, with every marking imaginable. There are several species of forest sheep, each characteristic of the part of Sweden where it lived. Värmland sheep are compact, with small ears and a short tail. Most ewes are hornless.

Weight: 40-60 kg
Withers height: 65–75 cm

The breed is hardy and copes well on sparse land. It is considered a good grazing animal, well suited for keeping in small flocks.

The Värmland sheep is one of the Swedish Old Breeds. These were once common, but at the end of the 1800s the number declined as meatier sheep with different wool qualities started being imported.