Linderödssvin på Nordens Ark
Linderödsgris EE
Linderödssvin på Nordens Ark

Linderöd pig

Linderöd pigs differ in several ways from modern pigs and wild boar. The body is rounded and slightly shorter than a modern pig’s, but not squashed like a boar’s. The shape is best compared to a gingerbread pig. The Linderöd has powerful legs and, unlike the boar, the snout is straight and strong. The pigs are mottled black with a white/grey or brown background. Lighter individuals often have large black patches.

Weight: 150-250 kg
Withers height: 1 meter

The Linderöd pig is well adapted to the Swedish climate and thrives outdoors in the summer.

Linderöd sows are normally pregnant for three months, three weeks and three days, and the pigs usually make excellent parents.